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Frequently Asked Questions

No fees to apply or process a loan. There are rare cases that the borrower will need to pay for an appraisal for the loan to be considered but not in all cases. When and if the loan funds there will be legal fees and commissions which would be paid for from the loan proceeds.
We need a complete loan application which are less than 10 questions and pictures. See loan application for details.
All types. Single family residence, condo, commercial, land, construction projects etc.
Complete a loan application by clicking here.
Interest rates on private money loans are considerably higher than traditional bank loans and loan periods are normally no more than four years. However our private loans can fund in a matter of days where as a bank loan can take months. Apply today to find out more.
No we do not do second mortgages. If you have a second we would need to pay it off and take a first position.
Yes, We can provide working capital for a property given as collateral that meets our lending criteria.
Yes. The loan will be based and approved on the actual collateral which is the property.
Our loan programs are very diverse and are able to be adapted to almost every situation. We so not have loan limits although formally we don’t lend under $100,000 USD. Many of our funded loans are multiple millions of dollars.
Depending on the property one of our agents will go out to view the property and determine how much we might want to lend or we will send out our own appraiser. We will consider lending up to 50% of current market value.
Every case is different, but we have funded loans in 24hrs. The normal is one to two weeks.
Brokers get paid only if we fund the loan they bring us. Please speak to our representatives about commission splits. We understand sometimes there are multiple brokers involved in brokering a loan but we will work with and the broker that brought us the loan directly.
BYes. We have clients with money and clients who need money. We do not touch capital of others, we simply marry the borrowers and the lenders to a deal and are paid a commission at closing for such effort. There are times that outside brokers bring us borrower or lenders and by doing so we negotiate a commission shared by considering the factors of the loan and the needs to of the lenders and borrowers. It has been out experience that every loan and its conditions are so different that is is impossible to have at sent formula to divide each and every commission.

Our quick and easy loans typically are interest only loans with loan periods from one to four years and the interest rate is higher than traditional bank loans but the qualifying process is very simple and we can fund within days of receiving the application.

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