Costa Rica Loans

About our loan programs

CRC has successfully closed over $40,000,000 in private loans during the last four years and we work with the most professional and well known title, trust, and legal services companies in Costa Rica. CRC Loans provides private financing options to local and foreign individuals, business', and corporations on real property in Costa Rica. The terms and conditions of these loans vary slightly depending on the type of property, loan to value, and the use of funds. Our quick and easy loans typically are interest only loans with loan periods from one to four years and the interest rate is higher than traditional bank loans sbut the qualifying process is very simple and we can fund within days of receiving the application.

Borrowers use these loans for several different reasons such as bridging short terms cash flow needs for their business, interim financing in order to obtain a bank loan, improvements for the collateral property, or refinancing an existing mortgage. We also work to consolidate debt if the Borrower has several loans on one or multiple properties. CRC appraises the property and conducts a thorough due diligence of the property and borrower in order to determine the feasibility of making each loan.

Business Loans

We can provide working capital for all types of businesses. In order to obtain that capital the borrower will need to put up some type of real property as collateral. The terms and conditions of the loan will be based on the type of property that you are requesting the loan on. Click here to apply today

Development loans are based on current appraised value and future value of improvements that are made to the properties.

Loan terms vary greatly depending on the level of the property and qualifications of the potential borrower and are higher than what you typically find with traditional bank financing.   Loan Periods rarely exceed four years and usually have a minimum interest payment of one year.  Payments are on interest only, monthly and you can be approved within one week and close within the same period.  Contact CRC Loans to find out more our loan programs.

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